Glaucoma is a type of medical condition that will cause there to be fluid building up within the front part of the eye, which will cause pressure to be put on the optic nerve and eye. It is this pressure that will eventually cause damage to the optic nerve and that can cause a person to become blind. This is one of the main causes of blindness for those who are over 60 years of age. The disease has no obvious signs during the earliest stage, but as it starts to develop many people will start to notice that there are some spots within their vision that are blind spots. It is very important for a person to be tested for glaucoma regularly as part of a person’s yearly eye exam so that it may treated early enough within the early stages which may reverse any damage.

Glaucoma Treatments

In order to treat a condition like glaucoma, the use of medication as well as surgery and even lasers will be used to help to reduce the pressure within the eye. It is very common for those who have the condition to be treated with surgery which is often used to stop building pressure in the eye and to remove any pressure that may be there. A doctor may use various surgeries and procedures to help treat this disease. Some treatments are filtering or trabeculectomy surgery, LPI or laser peripheral iridotomy, SLT or selective laser trabeculoplasty, or micro invasive glaucoma surgery with the use of iStent.

The last type of treatment is a type of procedure where a certain device called the iStent will be placed within the eye during cataract surgery which is used to help to control any pressure within the eye that comes from glaucoma. This is one of the smallest implantable medical devices within the world and it is only 1 millimeter long and less than 0.3 millimeters tall. To put it in perspective, it takes around 19 iStents in order to make the size of a copper penny.

SLT is a type of surgery that is done with a laser which uses a combination of different types of laser frequencies to work at low levels. It is able to treat specific cells and will leave untreated areas completely intact. Unlike other types of laser eye surgery, it can be done many times and it is an alternative for those who have not gotten relief from the traditional laser surgery.

LPI is a great treatment for narrow angle glaucoma and acute angle closure glaucoma. Whenever it is used it is considered to be a preventative procedure which reduces the risk of acute angle closure. The symptoms of this is often blurred vision, eye redness and pain the eye.

Filtering or trabeculectomy surgery is a type of treatment that is used whenever laser surgery and medications do not help with the pressure in the eye. A tiny drainage hole is made inside of the white of the eye to stop the pressure. This allows excess fluid to leave the eye and lowers the pressure in the eye.

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