Here’s How to Improve Your Vision in 2019

What are your goals for 2019? If improving your health is one of them, how you can improve your vision and eye health this year! Your eyes are the windows to your world. You use them to navigate, appreciate, and interact with the world around you. So, why not take some advice from an eye care practice? Here are 4 ways you can improve your vision and eye health in 2019.

First Things First: Eye Examinations
We know, this one is obvious. But the simple fact is that people spend more time avoiding eye examinations than going to them. Eye examinations are more than just an optional precaution; exams can be the difference between clear vision and no vision at all. There are many eye diseases that cause blindness but have no symptoms to let you know something is wrong. In many cases, vision cannot be restored. Don’t let this happen to you! Early diagnosis and treatment of eye disease is key to keeping your vision clear and your eyes healthy.

Keeping Up With Your Prescription
Consider this an addition to the first point. At your eye examination, your doctor will check to see if your prescription needs to be updated. Without your new prescription, you are wasting precious time with blurry vision. Go to your eye examination, get your new prescription, get your new glasses or contacts, and get back to seeing clearly already!

Avoiding Common Eye Care Mistakes
At-home eye care habits can be tricky. Your eyes are sensitive, but they can take a lot before they become damaged. So common habits like rubbing your eyes, touching your eyes with unwashed hands, and using makeup past its expiration can seem harmless. However, these habits can eventually lead to an eye injury or infection. Contact lens wearers are especially likely to develop an infection from improper contact lens hygiene. Eye infections are more than just pink eye – they can seriously damage your vision. Be sure to brush up on eye care best practices to make sure you aren’t unintentionally harming your eyes.

Getting Corrective Surgery
The ultimate tip for improving your vision? Get it surgically corrected! If you have lived your life with glasses and contact lenses and you’re ready to take the plunge into laser vision correction, 2019 is your year! Laser vision correction procedures like LASIK or PRK can provide significant improvements to your life and well-being. Find out if corrective surgery is right for you by the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group!

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