How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

You’ve been dealing with poor vision all your life, and have finally decided to do something about it. Before you undergo refractive surgery, here are a few things that you need to know when choosing the right LASIK surgeon for you!

Make Sure They Are Board Certified

No matter how good an offer may sound, it is vitally important that your LASIK surgeon is board certified. Being board certified means that they have been recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialities, which allows them to practice and perform LASIK eye surgery. A good deal on LASIK with an uncertified LASIK surgeon could lead to complications and injury. This is just one reason why a little research before undergoing any surgical procedures is an absolute must.

Get A Referral From Your Eye Doctor

One of the easiest ways to find a good LASIK surgeon is to ask your eye doctor for a referral. Primary eye care doctors are a great resource, and they want to make sure your eyes stay healthy. A referral ensures that you are seeing a qualified surgeon, who other people in the industry can vouch for. Have a friend who loved their LASIK? It’s never a bad idea to ask where they had it done, and then see if your eye doctor would recommend them for you.

Do A Google Search & See What The Results Say

People seem to think that Google knows everything, and it seems like they control the world. In the case of search results, Google can be your best friend! Doing a Google search to see who comes up when you look up LASIK in your area can give you an idea of who people go to see, and why. It’s also smart to do some reading up on their reviews and testimonials on sites like Yelp and HealthGrades. You want to know what all of your options are, and people are more likely to be honest after their procedures are finished.

Get A LASIK Consultation

You’ve done all of your research, and think you’ve found a LASIK surgeon who you’re comfortable with. The next step is to get a LASIK consultation! Getting a consultation ensures that you’re a good candidate for LASIK. The consultation will involve an in depth eye exam, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This is a great time to lay your nerves aside, and ask any questions about the surgery, recovery and post op.

If you’re interested in LASIK surgery, our staff and doctors at the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group are here to ensure that you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Call today to schedule a LASIK consultation, and see just how much LASIK can improve your life!

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