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Located within Los Angeles County on the California beachfront lies Santa Monica. Located right in Santa Monica Bay, it is also surrounded by Venice to the south, West Los Angeles at the east, while Mar Vista is located near the southeast, towards the northeast is Brentwood and just north is the Pacific Palisades. The last census for this area stated that there was a population of over 89,000 people.

It was during the early 20th century that it had stated to be a very large town full of resorts, simply because of the agreeable climate. The city really experienced a boom during the 1980s all because they had revitalized their downtown area which increased jobs and increased tourism as well. Pacific Park and the Santa Monica Pier are still the most popular tourist destinations for this area.

Before being settled it was named Kecheek from the Tongva people. It was the home of the Tongva long before non-indigenous people every showed up in the area. The first group was a group of people who were part of the exploration lead by Gaspar de Portola, who actually set up camp near Ohio Avenue and Barrington Ave during August of 1769. The camp was then named Saint Monica after the Christian saint, however there are a couple of stories that tell of the nature of how the city got its name. One states that it was to honor Saint Monica’s feast day, but the feast is celebrated on May 4th. Another states that it was because of the Kuruvungna Springs which is what we now call Serra Springs which reminded Juan Crespi of Saint Monica’s tears for her son who was considered to be impure which started early.

One thing that many people do not know is that there were only a few wars fought by Californians. Right after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo during Mexican-American War, which allowed Californians and Mexicans who were living to be able to express certain unalienable rights. It was on February 2, 1848 that the United States had taken control of California.

It was during the 1870s that one of the first railroads had begun to transport Los Angeles travelers to Santa Monica and put a wharf within narrower parts of the water. This town did not change until 1873 when the main corner building had become a bar and then now a part of the Santa Monica Hotel. This is the most established living structure located in the city. Eventually it would become the very first hotel in 1885.

Eventually entertainment piers would begin to show up and become mainstream within the city for a better part of the 20th century and Pacific Electric Railroad would transport everyone to here from the Greater Los Angeles area and vice versa.

It would be during 1966 when the Santa Monica Freeway was finished which was able to guarantee that the city would thrive, however this was the expense of destroying the Pico neighborhood which had been the main neighborhood for African Americans located in the westside of the city.

Another interesting thing is that volleyball was stated to have been created in here during the 1920s by Duke Kahanamoku.

There are 3 main shopping centers within the city. There is Main Street which is located on the southern part of the city, Montana Avenue which is located on the northern part of the city and then there is the Downtown District which is in the center of the city. Each one will have its very own identity and feel. The main street area has a large mix of clothing and food shops, but it focuses on retail. Montana Avenue is formed of several food places, very little retailers and high-ticket shop stores that embrace plenty of upmarket looking. Lastly, the Downtown District goes to be the house of the Third Street Promenade that may be a massive, enter the open pedestrian looking space that spans three blocks. Third Street happens to be finish off for vehicles for that space. This suggests that folks are allowed to steer around, gather along, search and even relish the recreation. Santa Monica Place is one space that may embrace retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales that is found inside a three level open mall inside the Promenade’s southern space. It had been throughout 2010 that the store was redeveloped and also the store was revived to become a leading edge for food centers, amusement and entertainment as well as shopping.

The city’s oldest cinema is The Majestic. This cinema was opened during 1912 and it was originally known as the Mayfair Theater. However, it was shut down completely after the Northridge earthquake of 1994. The Criterion and Aero theaters were opened during the 1930s and are still up and running while showing films these days. However, it is on the Promenade that there is a 12 screen movie theater to wet your movie appetite.

Located between Main Street and Ocean Avenue is Tongva Park. This area of land is just south of Colorado Avenue and it has a playground, picnic zones, bathrooms, fountains, amphitheater and so much more.

If you travel to the ravine, you will see the Santa Monica Stairs. This area goes into this ravine and it leads to San Vincente and it is a well-known spot for those who like to exercise outdoors. There are some who have stated that the steps are too much and it attracts too many people who are looking to exercise to the wealthier side of town where multimillion dollar homes are.

Locals and travelers even love the Santa Monica Soccer Club. This has been open since 1972 and it is still going to this day but most days you will see them practicing to win more consecutive titles like they did in 2005 to 2006. It was then that city was able to take down the Wolfhounds with a score of 57 to 19 within the last match of the season which guaranteed their back to back wins to gain the title in 2006. This area is all about providing something for anyone and these days it is called the Super League and all are invited to sign up and join.

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