Is LASIK Permanent?

One of the most pressing questions that people have about LASIK has to do with how long it lasts. They want to know if it is permanent, and if it isn’t, what they can expect.

Let’s take a closer look at this so you understand what to expect from LASIK.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

While many people think that LASIK only lasts a few years, that simply isn’t true. In reality, it is a permanent solution to vision problems. Your eye surgeon will actually reshape your cornea. That means that your eyes can’t go back to how they were.

That doesn’t mean that your eyes can’t undergo some visual changes, though. Cataracts, presbyopia and other common age-related conditions can still change the quality of your vision over time. That is a part of life that LASIK cannot prevent.

The Reason Behind the Myth

There are a few reasons that many people think their eyes regress after LASIK. The biggest reason is presbyopia. This condition occurs around the age of 40 and happens whether you undergo LASIK or not. Presbyopia occurs when the lens in the eye is no longer able to focus on nearby objects. When that happens, you will need to get reading glasses to see objects up close. LASIK doesn’t have any impact on presbyopia.

As you age and end up with presbyopia, you have the option of getting a second LASIK procedure. This time, you would need monovision LASIK. Your eye surgeon will correct one eye to see far distances and another eye to see up close. Not everyone is a good candidate for this surgery. Your doctor will be able to determine whether or not this procedure is right for you!

Why Do People Need Enhancements?

If your eyes don’t regress after LASIK, why do some people need enhancements? In most cases, people choose to get enhancements if they don’t get the desired results with their original procedure. During the touch-up, the eye surgeon goes back in and alters the shape of the cornea yet again.

In other cases, people get enhancements because they chose to get the procedure before their vision stabilized. That is why most eye surgeons require that you have a stable eye prescription for at least a year. This helps with the success rate of the procedure.

Now that you know LASIK is a permanent solution, you might want to move forward with the procedure. First, you need to undergo an examination to make sure you are a good candidate for LASIK. Contact the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group to schedule your LASIK consultation.

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