Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

After cataract surgery, it’s safe to say that patients experience a drastic change in their everyday lives. After years of blurry, distorted and discolored vision, seeing clearly is enough to make one feel like a brand new person. However, immediately after cataract surgery, there are some ways in which life can be a little different.

For some people, having to stay away from makeup for period of time after cataract surgery is unappealing. However, here at the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group, we think the results are well worth the small inconvenience. Here are some tips on what you should and should not do regarding makeup after cataract surgery!

Why Should I Avoid Makeup?

For a lot of people, makeup is a part of their every day regimen. Some don’t feel ready to start their day without it! If you are one of these people, you may find it off-putting to stop wearing makeup after cataract surgery. But not to worry, it is only for a short period of time!

The reason we urge you to abstain from makeup after cataract surgery is not to put an unnecessary burden you, but to keep you from developing an infection. Your eye makeup harbors bacteria that could get into your eye, increasing your risk for infection. While your cornea is healing from surgery, it is important to be cautious, ensuring that nothing comes in contact with your eye.

What Kind of Makeup Should I Avoid?

We suggest avoiding all eye makeup while healing from cataract surgery. Avoiding face makeup is encouraged as well, as there is always the chance something could make its way into your eye.

Anything applied directly onto your eyelids or eyelashes should be avoided completely. Powders and foundation can easily make its way into your eye during application, so they should also be avoided.

When Can I Start Wearing Makeup Again?

Most physicians advise their patients to wait one to two weeks after surgery to resume wearing makeup. Avoiding makeup, coupled with the use of eye drops and eye shield, is the best way to ensure proper healing and optimum results after your cataract surgery!

Now You Have an Excuse To Go Makeup Shopping!

Our doctors recommend throwing out all of your old eye makeup. The reasoning for this is that older makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow holds onto bacteria, even after several weeks or months. This is why it’s important to replace all of your pre-cataract surgery eye makeup, even if it was fairly new to begin with.

It is also recommended that you refrain from putting any makeup, such as eyeliner, beyond the eyelashes. Any chance of makeup getting in your eye increases your risk of complication, and this can happen even after proper healing of your cornea. Keep your eyes safe, and use precautions!

Everyone’s healing process is different. You may be able to go back to wearing makeup a week after surgery, or you may need to wait several weeks. Our cataract experts at the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group will be able to determine what is best for you in your healing process.

To learn more about the cataract surgery healing process, call one and book a consultation with one of our trusted cataract surgeons! Here at the Santa Monica Eye Medical Group, we will walk with you every step of the way on your journey to clear, crisp vision!

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