What an amazing office!! Top to bottom I was handled efficiently and with great care. I went in for cataract surgery and could not be more pleased with the results. I have worn glasses for over 50+ years and never thought that would change. Thanks to the wonderful recommendations by Patty when scheduling my surgery and the steady hands of Dr Stelzner, I am not wearing glasses anymore. I wake up and I can SEE!! It has been an unbelievable change in my life. Thank you as well to the front office folks who are always so kind and quick when I have arrived for my appointments and the MA’s in the back office who work so hard to prepare you for the Dr. Thank you all so much. Highly recommend.
-Mark L.

I went for the first time recommended by another group that did not have any availability for a month. I was a bit put off from her front staff ( later finding they were new). I had low expectations and found them to be wonderful. Great PAs and a good frank meeting with the doctor. My prescriptions were sent to the pharmacy via computer tech where I picked them up an hour later. And… free parking in the lot outside the office. Would highly recommend this group!
-Darla G.

I received a new multifocal PanOptic lens for my right eye as I had early stage cataracts. The surgery by Dr. Stelzner and the support of her medical team were terrific. My follow up and care by her office staff was great as well. For those in need I would highly recommend her and staff for your surgery. You will be in caring skillful hands !!
-Jeff T.

I recommend Santa Monica eye to everyone! I had a last minute need for a new pair of prescription sunglasses before I had to go out of town and luckily they were able to accommodate me for a last minute appointment even though they are not a walk in clinic. After my appointment, I went straight to their optical department and I was on my way with a new pair in no time! From the front desk to the opticians, everyone in office was so helpful along the way. It’s also great to see an office practicing top notch safety and social distancing precautions in a time like this! Thank you Santa Monica eye!!
-Mary B.

I have been to this office for me and my husband both at least 10 times during the past few months. This office is clean and organized, they are constantly sanitizing the equipments, chairs and all surfaces.

The staff is professional and friendly, they care about your safety.

Dr. Stelzner is passionate and honest, she doesn’t sound like so many other doctors who try to convince you to choose a costly product or surgery.

She cares about her job and her patients more than financial gain and that is how you know how human and good your doctor is.
I wish more doctors had her manners and standards.

I had 2 eye surgery by her, she did an amazing job, can’t be more happy.

Thank you Dr. Stelzner and staff.

Keep up the good work
-Mike R.

I am very thankful to Dr. David Rex Hamilton at Santa Monica Eye Medical Group for creating amazing vision for me with his expertise in modern refractive cataract surgery!

I love reading. I love traveling and visiting museums around the world. I love playing tennis, running, swimming, snowboarding. I spend a lot of time editing and translating on the computer. I need micro vision for sewing. Until a couple of months ago, I needed separate eyeglasses for the different distances, extra light for dim conditions—and when traveling, spare glasses, just in case. During the last decade my vision had gone increasingly bad, with cataracts growing in both eyes. Then I asked the important question: “When should one have a cataract surgery?” The obvious answer was: “As soon as your quality of life would improve without cataracts.”

I had an appointment with Dr. David Rex Hamilton for a consultation in March of 2018, when he was still working at UCLA Stein Eye Institute, Cataract and Refractive Surgery. His impressive résumé and experience, his enthusiasm and his warm personality convinced me to commit to having the Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with ORA Intraoperative Aberrometry, the refractive management, and the top-of-the-line Tecnis Symfony intraocular lens implants for both eyes.

The surgery for the left eye was in June. Dr. Hamilton was wonderful: warm and calming during the surgery (which was painless and relatively quick)—and interesting, explaining the different steps as he was proceeding. The surgery was a success and I could see well some 30 minutes after. Even with only one eye “fixed,” I no longer needed eyeglasses! The left eye now had great micro and near vision, while I still needed improved intermediate to distance vision.

The second eye surgery was postponed by a month while Dr. Hamilton transferred from UCLA to join a private practice, Santa Monica Eye Medical Group. I had a post-op/pre-op visit with Dr. Hamilton at his new office. During the visit he fine-tuned/confirmed the best options for the second eye. The surgery was at the end of July, again at UCLA SEI hospital. Now a seasoned patient during surgery, I was just anxious to experience the monovision that Dr. Hamilton expertly had created in my eyes (with intermediate and distance vision now in my right eye and micro and near vision in the left eye). It was amazing! My vision was seamless from near to far and in between! It seemed like a miracle!

I just spent 10 days in Spain marveling art in museums, admiring architecture and landscapes, and reading maps—no need for eyeglasses, for any distance. Now, when I drive in California, I can see my dashboard, my GPS and the road signs. I do see a “spider web” halo at night time around car headlights, but it is much less bothersome than the very blurry halo I used to experience before; I actually avoided driving at night before the surgeries. Even my tennis improved significantly: I finally can see the ball when it leaves the opponent’s racquet as well as when it is on my side of the net.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton for improving my quality of life!
Riitta K.

Came in to the Eye Group and was seen by Dr. Stelzner who was beyond caring and compassionate and put me completely at ease.
Thank you also to the front office staff that made accommodations and squeezed me in!
-Milagros H.

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable optometrist. They are helpful and courteous without being pushy or trying to force you to buy something you’re not ready to buy yet. The optometrist was very professional and did a great job explaining the changes in my prescription and the new lenses I’d have to choose from as my previous brand is no longer on the market. 5/5 would recommend to anyone needing a good eye doctor in Los Angeles.

Danielle S.

Wonderful support staff. Really liked Dr. Stelzner; very thorough, kind, excellent practitioner. Nice facility. Free, easy parking an added bonus!
-Laura P.

Dr Stelzner saw me right away and stopped my issue before it became serious. She also is thoughtful and thinks about the whole picture – a great doctor – not just one to do an eye exam and send you on your way.
-Nisha G.

They were very helpful and will be returning next year for my annual eye exam. Happy Customer!
-Susanna M.